Sonship Week ’08, Asheville NC – a note from Craig

But do I really believe that God is completely good, that in Him there is nothing that is not good? During this past week at Sonship, God continued to challenge me with the implications to this question.

If it’s true…
If I believe that this is true in a way that leads me to trust Him in His complete goodness, then I am truly free. I’m free to love and serve Rachel, even when it’s risky, even when it may hurt. When I see depths of my selfishness, when even the purest love I am able to give to Rachel is tainted, for my comfort or my renown, I’m free to love, free to serve. When we have conflict I am free to move into it with boldness and in truth, and when the conflict is my fault, (probably 95% of the time) I am free to repent, free to confess. Why? Because God is beautiful; He is abundantly good. When I trust this, moving into obedience (loving with vulnerability, loving in spite of selfishness, speaking truth and speaking repentance) swallows up death. No matter what earthly consequence we see, it is ALWAYS worth it.

an introduction to Sonship

~ by fortportal on October 25, 2008.

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